Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Format, New Blog Name, New Focus

So I originally created this blog to keep track of my Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge, but I decided it was time to personalize the blog and expand its focus.
I love food. I love preparing food, I love eating, I especially love baking and I love being a dad.
As anyone knows who spends any time in a kitchen, things do not always go as planned and there have been times when I've gotten a little frustrated. My fantastic wife puts up with this character flaw wonderfully, but I figured I would embrace it in the new name of my blog.
I hope I have something of interest to say from time to time, so for those of you who will take a look, thank you and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Dave,

    I found your new site! What you could have done was keep the old one and add a note that you had moved to "http://bakingmaddad.blogspot.com"

    I read through the whole BBA digest and found that you moved after I tried three times to cut and paste the address.

    I think your site name is fun. Now let's see the posts on your bread!